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Manila is the capital of the Philippines, full of skyscrapers, traffic, and is what some call a “chaotic megacity.” For the visitor, you’ll find plenty of creativity and beauty, from art to a spectacular indie music scene to cool artisan markets. Though many people use it as stopover to visit other areas in the Philippines, if you’re seeking an energetic city with a colorful heritage and pretty awesome nightlife, this is the place.

For those that want to date in Manila, or the Philippines in general, understand that dating oftentimes occurs in stages. It’s different than Westernized cultures because it’s based more on “courting” rather than casual dating.

For example, traditionally, before a date occurs, the man will go to the woman’s house and woo her by singing a song in the front yard. He may bring several pals for moral support. If all goes well, the first date may be set, but this date does not normally happen out in the community, but rather in the female’s living room, so the parents are nearby and can observe.

This happens for a couple weeks and if all goes well with the parents and the girl, the man will get the approval of the parents to take her out for date on the town. However, many times a chaperone is required and if you want to win favor points, be sure the chaperone sees you being sweet, gentle, and charming.

Granted, not everyone in Manila adopts this traditional type of courting, as some now date more like those in Westernized countries. Due to Hollywood’s influence and the internet, many (especially the younger generation), enjoy Western-style dates.

Because parents typically like their children to follow the traditional courtship model, couples that decide to date in a more modern way might not tell their parents about their love affair. They may go out on a date in the community, rather than at the woman’s house, to get to know each other. Once they both affirm their love for one another, they are deemed a couple and will likely tell their parents. Then, they’ll most likely be allowed to continue spending time tougher that the woman’s house with the family.

Dating in Manilla today

There are still some Manilla girls that want to date the traditional way, but more and more Filipina girls choose to date more like Westerners. Still, if a man is interested in a Filipina woman, he should ask to date her. She may or may not ask her parents for approval, but usually by the time you spend a second date together, she’s thinking that you’re “an item”.

Romance is important

Filipinas love the idea of romance. They love romantic movies and are obsessed with romance in general. This could very well have to do with the fact that Hollywood makes romance look so easy and favorable. So, if you’re looking to court or date a woman from Manilla, be prepared to woo her with some ninja romance skills.

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