General Santos Dating

General Santos City (aka Gen San), famously known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, is an exciting place to be. It serves as one of Mindanao’s central hub for both leisure and business. Some of the must-see places in the city include Lake Sebu, Mt. Matutum, Sanchez Peak, Plaza Heneral Santos, and the General Santos City Fish Port Complex.

Beyond Gen San’s exciting tourist attractions, it is also a city with interesting and divergent cultures. Therefore, if you are enticed to date a local of Gen San, you should probably keep the following in mind:

Gen San residents are outdoor enthusiasts. With the presence of numerous outdoor activities such as touring their white sand beaches, hiking on their majestic mountains, and visiting cultural heritages, dating in Gen San requires at least a touch of the outdoors. It is rarely expected to stay indoors while on a date.

Moreover, Gen San residents are considered happy-go-lucky people. Thus, when out on a date, it is best to steer away from serious topics such as politics and religion. They view someone as arrogant whenever they argue about these topics with them and are best left alone until you have really gotten to know someone on a personal level.

People in the city are used to a simple lifestyle. Most of them go for dates which do not require dressing up extravagantly and putting makeup on. They also choose to go on dates in local restaurants compared to dining in grandiose ones. The locals prefer to make their experiences worthwhile, not by the lavishness of their meals, but by making each conversation count. They should make sure their date is having a great time as their number one priority.

Dating in Gen San is not a complicated process. With a combination of simplicity, wit, and being adventurous, you can indeed find your perfect pair in this majestic city easily. It is said by many that the most beautiful girls in the Philippines hail from Gen San, and while this is a difficult to measure objectively it is certainly true that the area is home to many beautiful and down-to-earth ladies.

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