Bacolod City Dating

Known as the “City of Smiles,” Bacolod is a city worth the visit. A province in Western Visayas, the city has the best of both worlds – it has historical sites, such as The Ruins Talisay and Pope John Paul II Tower, and modern structures like Campuestohan Highlands Resort. It is also surrounded by magnificent beaches making it an exciting vacation destination.

MassKara Festival is a famous celebration held in Bacolod annually. Donned with colorful costumes and masks, it is a fun and lively gathering you shouldn’t pass up. Foreigners from all over the world choose the month of October for visiting Bacolod just to witness the annual event.

Charming their way into your hearts, “Bacolodnons” or “Bacoleños” are approachable and friendly. Their ladies are demure and soft-spoken due to their local dialect. In general, they are seen to be sweet and pleasant by men from different countries.

Ladies from Bacolod also love to chow down. Their cuisine is delectable and full of flavor. They also enjoy eating sweets, as sugar is the main product produced by their province. Also, a trip to Bacolod isn’t complete without trying their famous chicken inasal. So definitely, a food trip date with a Bacolodnon isn’t a bad idea.

Aside from their cuisines, the nightlife in Bacolod does not disappoint. Bacolodnons surely know how to party well. They have several bars and nightclubs where you can meet lovely ladies. Also, they always go out with their friends. Hence, you are most likely to meet them in groups. Do not be shy to approach these women because they know how to make you feel you welcome in their city.

Living in the province, Bacolodnons may not be as modern as a Filipina living in Manila. However, they can be open-minded and smart. Most of them still prefer traditional type of dating with courtship instead of a fast-paced relationship, so adjust your approach accordingly.

Dating in Bacolod can be enjoyable. Even if it is located far from Manila, do not expect it to be a silent city. With its interesting women, you will never know what to expect.

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